Orsam carries out construction and maintenance work on industrial and mining units, including on hard-to-reach sites. Orsam’s know-how in boilermaking and piping, based on several years of experience, positions us as a partner of industrialists on the whole life cycle of their projects: from the supervision of the preparation to the management of stakeholders, planning and execution of the work.
The diversity and complementarity of Orsam’s expertise, as well as the high-tech nature of the solutions developed, are all assets in the service of plant productivity and project competitiveness.

Construction works

Orsam mobilizes on a daily basis at the service of the success of customer projects through new works or revamping services. Orsam supports industrialists so that they can, on an ongoing basis, maintain control and follow-up of the progress of their projects. The expertise in the assembly of structures, equipment and piping is focused on units to build or to modernize.


  • Installation of industrial equipment and structures
  • Assembly and Installation of conveyors
  • Installation of stackers and coke dryers
  • Construction and testing of automatic loading stations
  • Construction of steel structures
  • Fabrication and installation of tanks
  • Fabrication of feed chutes
  • Installation of grinding stations
  • Construction of dust purifiers
  • Construction of plant buildings (work shop, changing rooms etc.)
  • Piping/installation of water networks
  • Prefabrication of piping
  • Installation of electrical networks
  • Fabrication and construction of CIL (Carbon In Leach) tanks, structure, mechanics and piping
  • Construction of fuel depots

  • Extension of tank production
  • Optimization of structures and tanks


The technical expertise in boilermaking, piping and welding allows Orsam to be a trusted interlocutor of the mining industry for all maintenance operations. Its teams guarantee the safety of equipment and reduced downtime, while respecting safety issues and with the objective of optimizing installations.


  • Unit shutdown
  • Multidisciplinary maintenance
  • Spare parts supply and management
  • Workshop management

  • Engineering / detail engineering
  • Design
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Maintenance plan

  • Cleaning and degassing of tanks
  • Pumping, cleaning and degreasing of tanks and ponds
  • Draining, cleaning and certified degassing of tanks and separators
  • Use of anti-explosion equipment
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Pumping of effluents and sludge

  • Leasing of waste containers
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sludge treatment
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