Efficiency and continuous improvement to surpass regulatory and legal requirements, while guaranteeing customer satisfaction

Orsam Oil & Gas is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 Certified by Bureau Veritas and has implemented a robust Quality Assurance Safety Environment (QSE) Management System

This management system allows us to respond to a client’s requirements and allows our procedures to be tracked and encourage continuous improvement.

  • In the last decade, the Top Management has launched several Safety Campaigns to enhance the safety culture :
  • 1989 : “ORTEC CONFIANCE” campaign based on an open dialogue between the affiliated companies allowing to decrease the work related accident number
  • 1998: the “GRAND BLEU” campaign insisted on the worksite accident prevention involving more than 300 workers trained in Job Safety Analysis process.
  • 2002: “ORTEC VIGILANCE” campaign. The safety credo was “Life First” based on a large communication campaign (safety posters, numerous safety flashes, specific trainings, foremen commitment, and accidents learning … ). The main target of this safety campaign, continued in 2003, is the workers’ awareness of the work related hazards.
  • 2014 : ORTEC “PLAN EFFICACITE” campaign in France. The main target of this safety campaign, implemented in French subsidiaries, is the workers’ awareness of the work related hazards.
  • 2015: “Made in ORTEC - SECURITE EFFICACITE FIRST” campaign is the next step of 2014 one, and is being implemented in the international department and the international affiliated companies of the group.

The recognition of our QHSE Program was achieved by heavy involvement, dedication and commitment of Top Management. The QHSE Department is called “ORTEC EXIGENCE” and is in charge of the implementation of the QHSE Policy:

  • advises the affiliated companies, worksites and yards,
  • supplies training, information and work methods,
  • checks and follows sites activities,
  • ensures the Documentation Control
  • updates the HSE regulation,
  • gathers HSE statistic.

Their tasks include to control, alert and advise the management at different levels in decision-making, ensure that the procedures and rules are displayed and correctly used by our collaborators.

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