1.Employment and Progression of Nationals

Employment and Progression of Nationals

With a clearly defined recruitment, training and development policy we ensure Ghanaians partake in key positions throughout our operations. .We are very much aware of the availability of local expertise and raw talent and have been able to and will continue to harness and develop the talent in order to empower more nationals.
2.Employment and Progression of Nationals

Development and Training of Nationals

Our training and development plan ensures that all employees are updated in skill, knowledge and technology needed to perform at their optimum best and to equip them to meet the growing demands of a changing technological age. Training and development is a continuous, formal process of improving individual performance and competency. Our training and development agenda has been structured to serve as a vehicle for transfer and development of requisite skills to local staff, and aims at building up an empowered workforce.
3.Collaboration with Local Institutions

Collaboration with Local Institutions

We have ongoing arrangements with local, international training facilities and programs (National Service, internships, etc.) to foster development and increase the number of skilled and experienced of our local workforce.
4. Local Sources & Services

Local Sources & Services

We have accessed the local market and continue to partner with companies who are prepared, capable, certified and experienced to take on most of the souring and services we require for our operations.
5. Support to Ghanaian Vendors, Suppliers & Subcontractors

Support to Ghanaian Vendors, Suppliers & Subcontractors

Priority is always given to local suppliers and vendors who have demonstrated their capability to supply goods and services at internationally recognised standards and at competitive rates. We pay special attention to those highly qualified suppliers and vendors and work to establish long-term relationships for a closer cooperation by committing to holding regular audits to assist vendors to achieve continual improvement and development.
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